A Comprehensive ERP Solution


glassPRO is an end to end comprehensive software suite that greatly enhances your ability to plan, schedule, execute and monitor the complete front to back manufacturing business. From raw materials to final product our manufacturing and MRP software enables the maximum level of agility and flexibility possible.

By implementing the most recent technology and built on a single unified data model, Manufacturing software provides a real-time, precision view of your manufacturing processes, so you can make quick proactive management decisions for your operations with confidence. Embedded business process management provides the tools and flexibility you need to maintain an edge in the evercompetitive business world.

Glass Estimation, Costing and Sales Order

  • Quotation Generation and tracking of related follow-ups
  • Detailed Glass Estimation and costing
  • Handling of Proforma Invoices
  • PI Approvals and Credit Control
  • Proper document automation with direct emailing facility
  • Checklists for every Proforma Invoice and Work Orders
  • Production Order module to issue only required sheets to cutting department. Also, to mark whether entries are against work order, or for rejection or from off-cuts
  • Test certificates
  • CRM and Order History
  • Daily Transaction Reports

Purchase Management with Inventory

  • Indent / Purchase Requisition
  • Indent Approval
  • Purchase quotation handling received from vendors
  • Vendor’s Quotation approval
  • Purchase Order handling
  • Shipment module to handle Imports
  • Goods Received Notes (GRN)
  • Quality check / Rejection of received goods
  • Marking bills against GRNs
  • Sheet/Item Consumptions
  • Inventory of Glass Sheets and Other consumables
  • Alert on minimum stocks

Production Monitoring with Bar Code tracking

  • Integration with optimizer software extract
  • Export of glass data to integrated 3rd party optimization software
  • Waste Results & Analysis
  • Glass sticker generation as per sheet layout coming from optimizer software
  • Department wise work load and production tracking
  • Barcode Printing & Tracking
  • Work order hold/release. Even a line item in work order can be put on hold when needed
  • Linking with web interface to give current status to your customers
  • Project Management
  • Rejection Summary
  • Maintenance module along with machine downtime tracking

Accounts Integration

  • Direct Exporting to 3rd party accounting package
  • Sales Order Approval management by accounts
  • Credit Limit check
  • Maintaining payment follow up logs
  • Credit Period wise Invoice Summary

Standard Reports / Auto Mails / Alerts

  • Daily PI Summary
  • Daily WO Summary
  • Daily Sales Invoice Summary
  • Daily PI Summary Sales Person wise
  • Daily WO Summary Sales Person wise
  • Daily Sales Invoice Summary Sales Person wise
  • Daily Quotation Summary
  • Daily Export Proforma Summary
  • Daily Export Quotation Summary
  • Sample Order Summary
  • WO conversion time summary to track when PI was made and when order was released to shop floor
  • Auto alert email when PI is amended after Accounts approval
  • Auto email to set email IDs soon after rate is varied in a proforma for the same customer and same product.
  • Report on Proformas hold by accounts department
  • Production Status Report (Balance for Invoice)
  • Closed PI Mismatch Report (Where Performa and Sales Invoice not matching)
  • Open PI Report Sales Person wise
  • Open WO Report Sales Person wise
  • Closed PI Report Sales Person wise

  • Auto email to relevant customer soon after a Performa is generated
  • Auto email to relevant customer soon after a Delivery note is generated
  • Auto email to customer / Production department for Delivery schedule
  • Daily Production Summary
  • Production Tracking
  • Daily Rejection Summary
  • Department Wise production
  • Department Wise Rejection
  • Operator Wise Summary
  • Work order, Production, Rejection authorization summary
  • Pending Rejection
  • Production Target Report
  • Machine Down Summary
  • Toughening Machine Bed Utilization Report
  • Wheel utilization Report for cutting/edging machines
  • PVB consumption Report
  • IG components (Silicon, Spacer, Butyl, Modules) consumption summary ( WO wise )
  • Work Order Hold Report
  • Work Order Closed Report

  • Delivery On Time Report
  • Vehicle Dispatch Report
  • Daily Indent Summary
  • Daily PO Summary
  • Daily GRN Summary Purchase Order Summary (auto e-mails )
  • Daily stock Report for Sheets/Consumable items
  • Approval requisition email to Directors for a PO with pre-define PIN no. if amount goes beyond certain limit
  • PI Summary – daily (auto e-mails)
  • Work Order Summary – daily (auto e-mails)
  • Invoice Summary – daily (auto e-mails )
  • Production Status Report – daily (auto e-mails )
  • Open PI Report – monthly (1st working day of each month) (auto e-mails )
  • Open WO Report – monthly (1st working day of each month) (auto e-mails )
  • Closed PI Report – monthly (1st working day of each month) (auto e-mails )
  • Specification wise Invoice details – monthly (1st working day of each month)
  • Man-Power utilization
  • Delivery On time report
  • Production status balance report
  • Mismatch report occurred between PI and its corresponding SI

User-friendly UI

In-analytic depth feature

Our intuitive Dashboard allows users to take advantage of in-analytic depth features even
if they possess minimal technical abilities.
Happy Clients
Project Plans
Spread Services

Customer Performance Report

Customer Performance Report, overall and monthly, both reports are available on one click


Progressive Billing Report


Last 6 Month’s Billing


Sales Person’s performance report


Inbuild CRM application with tracker


Auto Email

Periodically auto emailing to Customers with outstanding invoices to save ample of working hours of Account staffs.


Auto Email

Daily auto emailing of all generated invoices to customers to promote paperless office


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