What Our Customers Say About Us


I never knew you could so much done from a computer. Our entire working has slowly been computerized. My staff now has ample time to attend to customer queries. It has changed every aspect of our working, making work easy and likeable. For the transformation I credit Phoenix.



I could not be more pleased with your level of skill and professionalism. I’ve worked with dozen’s of programming firms and freelance programmers over the years and you’re certainly on the top. Your knowledge of what needs to be done and how to do it is great and you always deliver exactly what’s promised Thanks again!


We had invested in two separate software earlier.Both times, we were lynched. I had a tough time convincing the management to go in for a third one. I checked Phoenix’s credentials, talked to their existing clients, asked for and was given demonstration twice. After complete investigation, we went for the software.
Their product and service are both superlative. I now have complete faith in their processes. Our ever increasing workload is now easily manageable. I get whatever information I need instantly. Comparing and analyzing has become child’s play. I have now managed to forget the torturous days when we literally fought to get the earlier software to work.



Skilled programming. They understand projects, ask the right questions for clarification to be sure they deliver what you want. Provided great suggestions to improve the project. No hassles, you just end up with what you want, on time and in a friendly way.Overall they did an excellent job and definitely will be considered for future projects.